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Golden Oldies is a solo journaling TTRPG using the Second Guess system about semi-retired superheroes. 

Decades ago, around the time of World War II, you were a superhero. You’ve passed the torch over to the next generation. Now, you take on a hybrid role in a team made up of superteens and your old comrades, balancing mentorship with team heroics. But you’re feeling pulled to more fully commit to just mentoring or focusing on active heroics. What will you decide?

Mainly inspired by the JSA from DC Comics with a dash of The Incredibles and Watchmen thrown in.

Content warning: This game deals with grief, World War II, historical prejudices, and growing old. How deeply you dive into each of these topics is left to your discretion, but they are there.

Fonts are Government Agent and Digital Strip 2, both from Blambot Comics, free to use for a not-for-profit print game.

Cover Image from La Dama Di Picche 03: La Casa Del Terrore, a public domain comic hosted on Comic Book Plus.

CategoryPhysical game
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Authorhistorical killer queen
Tagsjournaling, solo, solo-ttrpg, Superhero, World War II


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Had a lot of fun playing the game, but my  hero ended up neither   retiring or re-committing to a heroic life, but stayed pretty much in a center range. On the other hand my character reconnected with his first love and an adult son he just met.